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Security Management Training

In today’s volatile world the need for professional security is paramount and as such professional security management training is a pre-requisite in the battle against crime in businesses and organisations. Taking time off work and balancing your work and family commitments can be sometimes difficult to achieve. This Security Management Training course has been written by industry experts ensuring you gain the highest level of tuition, in addition to this the course provides an easy to follow process allowing you to gain Security Manager Certification and also a recognised Level 3 qualification in your spare time with no time constraints. On completion you will have gained the knowledge required to work at a supervisory or managerial level within a security role or even be able to start your own business.

The security managemeant training course has been designed by CTR Services and Secure Minds which forms the core competencies for working within modern security management or supervision. The course is modular based through our professional learning management system (LMS)and aims to provide the key skills that can be developed in relation to management and leadership; this is achieved through accreditation.

This course is accredited by IQ at Level 3 Organisation Award in Security Management

Who should attend the Security Management Training

The security managreement training course has been designed for those persons seeking to improve their career in security and progressing to a supervisory or managerial position. The course is suited to those leaving the military, security professionals looking to improve their skill and knowledge base and those people that are new to the industry who wish to promote their ability within a managerial role.

What could I do after taking this Course

After taking our security management training course in managing security you will have sufficient knowledge to apply for a job in the security services. You could apply for a variety of roles in the security services or industry, from security officer, to a security management professional in a private business. If you are already working in security? You could take a step up the career ladder to a security manager role or that of a chief security officer. You could even be eligible for a pay increase. Or have you thought about starting your own business or want to be your own boss? You could start your own private company providing security services or security management services.

How to book onto this Management Course

You can click the link below to purchase the course through our secure payment page, pay monthly by clicking here or to find out answers to many questions about the security management training course. Please enter your email address into the yellow area below and we will send you the course brochure. The subscription will also unlock many discounts we have on courses, so please follow the instructions to take advantage of these.

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Security Management Modules

Security Managers Modules

The modules of the security managers course have been designed to provide not only the fundamentals of security management but also the grounding of good management. The following are the modules you will take:

Module 1 – Introduction to Security Management
In this module you will be guided through the basics of security management from understanding the responsibilities and considerations required of a security manager and the relevant skills and attributes needed. You will also learn and understand the role of the security manager through history.

Module 2 – Security Threats
During this module you will be able to recognise and understand the current threats from terrorism and understand the crime of retail theft and how show risk control measures to minimise the risks from the threats faced.

Module 3 – Management
This management module is designed to look at your current attributes and skills and clearly define not only deficiencies but also ways to improve. This will also help you to understand the significant changes in security and how you may build a management portfolio.

Module 4 – Managing Risk
By this time you have a good grasp of threats and associated risks, in this module you will understand the term risk and recognise the importance of effective risk communication and the ways to conduct correct risk assessments.

Module 5 – Legislation
As security in the UK is under strict licensing laws, in this module you will gain an understanding of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. You will also understand other relevant laws and regulations in relation to security management.

All of the modules require internal and external study so that you will be able to write accurate dissertations to fulfil the required standard of the course.

Security Management Training Testimonials

“I wanted further understanding of the security industry so thought doing the secure minds security management training course would benefit me and in short, it did. I thought the content was good and its also handy to have a virtual tutor talking on the course, in my opinion you can’t go much wrong with this course.”
David Knowles, Nottingham.

“The course was much better than I thought as I was concerned that doing a course online would not be too good, however they have provided a course that was very informative.”
Dan Brown, Lowestoft.

“Good and simple to use, thanks.”
James Turner, Tonyrefail.

“Course was well priced compared to other online security management courses out there which sometimes is not better! On starting the course you can see that there is definite quality in the content and delivery method, way ahead of the game with regards to online learning in my opinion!”
Rachael Parker, London.

“Excellent security management training course, only downside was the fact that you do need an internet connection to complete the course although you can download the fact sheets which can be taken away with you to go through when you don’t have internet so a minor down point really.”
Gavin Cotton, Somersham.

Security Management Training Course testimonials are from students that have completed the course.

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