Terrorism Awareness

In todays modern world there is a constant threat from terrorism as can be seen from the constant media coverage of incidents around the world, with this in mind it is of major benefit to try to reduce the impact of terrorism to business, employees and the public.

There are many ways in which the effects of terrorism can be reduced and one such way is through terrorism awareness training which can be adopted by security professionals, employers, public bodies and others.

Our terrorism awareness credit course has been designed by subject matter experts in order to educate and inform delegates of the history of terrorism, the effects of terrorism and how to deal with terrorism. The course provides in depth knowledge of the methods terrorists use and how to identify and reduce the impact from such incidents. The e-learning course has been designed to be informative and of interest to various types of delegates whether employers, employees, security practitioners and others that are concerned of the terrorist threat.


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Course Units

The Terrorism Awareness course is broken down into three modules which allow you to firstly; understand terrorism, acknowledge the effects of terrorism and then finally how to deal with terrorism with a view of reducing the impact. The modules for this course are:

Module 1 – Introduction to Terrorism

– History of Terrorism
– The Modern Threat

Module 2 – Effects of Terrorism

– Terrorist Tactics
– Common Terrorist Targets
– The Effects of Terrorism

Module 3 – Dealing with Terrorism

– Identifying Markers
– Situational Awareness
– Recognizing Suspicious Activity
– Contingency Planning
– Actions to Reduce Risk
– Post Incident Considerations

Course Benefits & Testimonials

This course has many benefits for learners, such as:

– Understanding Terrorism
– The effects of Terrorism
– Dealing with Terrorist Incidents
– Personal Security
– Actions to be taken to reduce the effect

This was more informative than I imagined with detailed information, would recommend this to others looking to expand their knowledge of terrorism.
Mark Cross, Portugal.

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed to prepare participants who maybe travelling to hostile environments or that need to have a fuller awareness of terrorism. This course can be provided under a duty of care policy to employees of a company to enable them to be more aware of the security needed when there maybe a threat of terrorism.

Individuals that should attend this course are:

– Employees of businesses that host large scale guests, shoppers, workers or other people.
– Individuals that travel overseas to potential hostile environments that need to know how to manage the potential.
– Security professionals that require further understanding or continual professional development.

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